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Spring Valley Lake

Training for a triathlon includes the dreaded SWIM! 


No need to spend lap after lap in the pool or stress about swimming in open water alone.  As an AIM member, you can join your teammates and practice open water swim(OWS) in Little Rock. 

Thanks to the generosity of the  Spring Valley Lake POA, AIM members have access to their neighborhood lake so you can practice OWS.


To access this Spring Valley Lake, you must be a paid AIM Member, sign the PDF waiver, and pay a $50 fee.

To get started simply:

1) Download the waiver and bring it with you to your first swim email it to

2) Click the PayPal 'Buy Now" button or bring a check to your first swim.

3) Grab your swim gear and towel and join us at Spring Valley Lake

SVL is located on Cooper Orbit Road, off Kanis Road

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2021 Spring Valley Lake Waiver
2021 Rules of Conduct