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Competing in multisport events is an incredible challenge. It pushes you to the limit and forces you to go places you didn’t think possible. It forces you to test yourself on a daily basis. Sometimes you win that challenge and sometimes you don’t, but you get up the next day and challenge yourself again. This kind of thing is not for the faint of heart. You have to be “All In”.

“All In Multisport” was formed in 2011 to give those racing and competing in one of the toughest individual sports a team atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the sport and haven’t completed your first event or you’re a multisport veteran, AIM is a group where you’ll fit in. It’s filled with people just like you, interested in challenging themselves athletically yet keeping it all in perspective, understanding that while we are passionate about our sport, there are things in life more important; faith, family and career.

If you want to be ‘All In’, feel part of a team in an individual sport, come and be a part of “All In Multisport”! We’d love to have you. We are all excited about the possibilities for “All In Multisport” and its members for this season and beyond! “All In Multisport” was formed by a group of athletes, at various levels of ability and experiences, who trained together, raced together and traveled together. There was enough of a competitive edge to spur one another on yet even more encouragement and support.

That ‘All In’ attitude extended beyond the pool, beyond being in the saddle on long rides or on the streets for a long run. It meant camaraderie at cook outs or trips to the lake for a fun day on the water. It meant putting together really fun post-race parties. We are all on the ground floor of building one of the most competitive triathlon teams in the Mid-South. We look forward to numerous team building opportunities including training and racing together, triathlon educational opportunities, instruction and mentorship from experienced veterans including USAT certified coaches, social gatherings where we can swap stories about our races, tri camps, and local events to support our triathlon community.

What are the benefits of becoming a club member? In addition to the many things listed above, club membership will also include discounts at local retailers, discounts on endurance nutritional items, as well as a FREE tech shirt to run in or just wear around town. Now, who doesn’t like the words ‘FREE’ and ‘shirt’ in the same sentence?

“All In Multisport” is officially recognized by USA Triathlon as a registered triathlon club. With that designation comes a certain amount of benefits as well and it gives our club the opportunity to compete on a national level for club championships. Within the past couple of years Triathlete magazine listed Central Arkansas as one of the best kept secrets in the country as a place to train for triathlons. We say, “welcome to the party” because we’ve known that for quite some time. It’s also a rather large multisport community and we all seem to know each other in one way or another, it’s just a matter of pulling a Kevin Bacon and figuring out by how many degrees of separation. Usually it’s not many. We look forward to you becoming a member of “All in Multisport”. Until then, Happy Training!






                    Bruce Wood – President




                     Emily Evans – Programs and Events






                    David Wonn – Membership

                    Drew McGilvray – Training and Group Workouts

                     Susan Blair – Treasurer


                     Ashish Salgaonkar - Race Support / Team Kits


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