Member organized workouts

  • Rides, runs, swims, bricks
  • Open water swim ‘membership’ at Spring Valley Lake, $50 season
  • All members are encouraged to organize workouts and post on Facebook
  • Newsletters emailed to members
  • Connect on Facebook
  • Join a workout (posted on Facebook)
  • Lead a workout (email or comment to admin on Facebook and we’ll add your workout!

Great Programs Throughout the Year

  • Improve your running efficiency
  • Bike faster and stronger
  • Swim clinics
  • Transition clinics
  • Nutrition
  • Strength training
  • Heart rate training
  • Bike fits
  • Bike maintenance
  • Off season training
  • Yoga for triathletes
  • Mountain biking in Arkansas

Training and Race Support

  • Targeted races
  • Local race course training event when possible
  • AIM tent – gathering point, family support, camaraderie, encouragement!
  • AIM logo tattoo (stamp) for branding racers
  • Pre-race dinner – dutch treat
  • Team Kits

Target Races 2018

  • Coming soon

Social activities and events 2018

  • Coming Soon

Member Discounts

  • Go! Running 10% discount, watches and other tech items excluded
  • Giant Store West Little Rock 15% discount, bikes and clearance items excluded.
  • XTERRA Wetsuits offer 60% discount on wetsuits and equipment and 50% on paddle boards to all members. Use code C-Allin
  • Free AIM Tech shirt to first time members
  • All this for $25. Per year!