30 Things Every Triathlete Should Know by the Age of 30

Here’s her list. What would you add?

By 30, you should have:

1.  A bike that has been with you through at least one complete race cycle—from your first day of training through to T2.
2.  The ability to recite a quote from memory that makes you feel inspired.
3.  At least one piece of workout wear from your past that everybody in your life is grossed out by and thinks you should throw away.
4.  A go-to playlist that can energize you through any run.
5.  Friends you only see when you’re training.
6.  A kit that makes you feel like a superhero.
7.  A preferred lubricant for pre- and post-workout needs.
8.  Someone you’re trying to get into triathlon.
9.  War stories from your best and worst races.
10.  A race you’ve registered for more than three times.
11.  Running shoes that don’t give you blisters.
12.  A back-up plan for every workout that is supposed to take place in a pool.
13.  At least one horrible picture of yourself taken by the official race photographer.
14.  The ability to skip a workout without feeling guilty about it.
15.  A race goal yet to be fulfilled.

By 30, you should know:

1.  How to walk away from a bad race without letting it ruin your day.
2.  How to change a flat, and remove and replace your back tire.
3.  How to make a race about something more than your position or finishing time.
4.  Where you’re getting your first beer after you cross the finish line.
5.  How to circle swim.
6.  Who Mike Reilly is and why he matters.
7.  What T1, Z3 and VO2 stand for.
8.  Your position on M-dot tattoos.
9.  How to pee in public without making a scene.
10. The difference between Sprints, Olympics, “halfs,” “fulls,” 70.3s, and Ironman races
11.  How long it takes to set up your transition area.
12.  How to get a wetsuit on and off without help.
13.  How to hydrate and fuel properly while training and racing.
14.  That spinning is actually a cycling term, not a cardio class.
15.  That triathlon is the real fountain of youth.

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